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Digital signage in hospitality

Receptionist with digital screen to welcome and sign in guests

Every business wants to better communicate with their customers. Digital signage is not a new concept in hotels and most often thought of as in-room entertainment and information. However digital signage can be used to engage and interact with customers in many different ways from reception desk displays and video walls to wayfinding.

When visitors arrive at your premises what are they looking for?  Booking information, menu options, event and wayfinding information are important to support a positive visitor experience. Digital signage provides an innovative viewing platform allowing information to be easily changed and maintained in real-time for better service and enhanced brand experience.

Digital signage is always on which is particularly useful for establishments that operate 24/7. Guests can be welcomed, facilities, menus and events can be promoted in a captivating way. 

Here are some examples of how digital signage can be utilised:

  • To welcome guests
  • Display information such as menu options
  • Display concierge information
  • Display meeting overviews
  • Display the locations of facilities, events and meetings using way-finding
  • Display upcoming offers and events
  • Keep employees informed of the scope of services together with internal bulletins and information

To ensure you get the best impact and return on your investment, it is important that your content is informative and relevant and that your displays are positioned correctly. Get in touch with our team to find out how best to utilise digital signage in your business.

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Digital Signage

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Digital signage


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