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LED displays are the perfect choice for a diverse range of indoor and outdoor applications due to their versatility, weather-proof nature, energy efficiency, and high-quality output. Their high brightness levels, clearer picture, low viewing distances, and wide viewing angles make them ideal for sporting events, live performances, transport hubs, trade shows, corporate events, townhall spaces, and shopping centers.

Benefits of LED displays

Whilst attracting a higher price than their LCD counterparts, LEDs have several benefits such as superior colour quality, reduced power consumption, longer lifespan, enhanced durability, thinner and lightweight  and versatility.

  • High-quality – With full HD, LED technology delivers exceptional image sharpness, colour accuracy, greater control over contrast, and high brightness.
  • No limit on size or design – Size is never an issue with LED panels as you can connect several panels in configurations to suit your space. LED displays come in an array of shapes, sizes, and curved or flat designs.
  • Versatile – LED screens are both waterproof and dustproof and can also be viewed in direct sunlight. This allows you to use them in both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Wide viewing angles – You will always have the perfect view whatever the angle or position you are watching.
  • Easy to program – Program your display via an Internet connection from wherever you are in world.
  • Long lasting – LED panels are extra durable lasting for many years (up to 100,000 hours compared to fluorescent tubes lasting around 3,000 hours) therefore reducing waste and saving money through reduced replacement costs.
  • Energy efficient – LED panels consume significantly less power than traditional LCD screens.

LED Displays – The best choice for business

LED displays are now a more affordable option for businesses wanting to enjoy the benefits of better performance, reliability, and viewing experiences.  All-in-one displays offer an out-of-the-box experience for businesses with easy set and can be combined for simultaneous use expanding the possibilities for larger spaces.

  • Higher resolution and improved image clarity.
  • Wide viewing angles ensure that the content remains clear and visible from different angles.
  • Multiple connectivity options and user-friendly control interfaces enhance their versatility and usability.
  • High brightness levels ensure better visibility in well-lit environments or outdoor installations.
  • Improved contrast ratio resulting in white whites and blacker blacks.
  • Higher refresh rates prevent motion blur and provide smooth visuals.
  • Broad colour gamut enables more vibrant and lifelike visuals..
  • Image uniformity distributes brightness and colour evenly improving the viewing experience.
  • Efficient power consumption results in long-term cost savings and sustainability.
  • Long lifespan – LED displays have longer lifespans (compared to LCD displays) offering better value and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

LED Display Solutions – Endless possibilities!

LED displays are a versatile method of displaying information and advertising in various industries from retail, hospitality, education, and corporate offices to control rooms.

Transportation hubs – LED displays are perfect for Airports, train stations and bus stations to display flight and departure information, branded communications and advertising.

Retail – With high-bright eye-catching displays sure to capture customers’ attention, one of the most recognisable video wall uses is for advertising. Digital signage is good for sales with 80% of customers choosing to enter a store after seeing digital signage and almost doubling recall rates compared to traditional advertising methods.

Museums and galleries – Used as an engaging way to showcase art, exhibitions, and information.

Education – A popular use of LED displays is in educational institutions to show class schedules, events, wayfinding, menus, and emergency notifications.

Hospitality – LED displays are ideal for hotels, restaurants, stadiums, and sports venues to communicate with large groups of people. For example, a display at a stadium can display upcoming events and adverts and restaurants can showcase a range of dishes and offers.

Offices –  LED displays produce flicker-free images reducing eye strain and headaches.  Everyone can expect to have a perfect viewing angle irrespective of where they are positioned so they are ideal for boardrooms and conferencing. Users can quickly and easily change modes and settings, for example, change the level of brightness.

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Moveable LED displays for large multipurpose venues

With the finest LED technology at our disposal, we will help you create a mobile modular solution that can be used in a range of spaces and venues. The modular design means that panels can be easily clicked together providing endless possibilities on size and configuration – all conveniently packaged in flight cases. Displays can be easily dismantled and moved between rooms and venues.

We can arrange for a team to install and dismantle screens on-site or provide training for your technicians so that you have an agile in-house resource.

With competitive pricing, LED displays are an affordable solution to create impactful and immersive displays to wow your clients and your people.

We can help you make a big impact at your indoor and outdoor events from large meeting spaces, conferences, exhibitions, award ceremonies, and festivals.

About LED displays

LED displays consist of several LED panels made up of rows of tiny lights all coordinated by computer programming to form a single image.

Typically, LED screens have extremely thin bevels to minimize display seams while employing panels. One of the prime advantages of LED displays is their design flexibility as they can be made to virtually any size through a modular system of panels to create a large seamless image. LED screens can be arranged into different shapes so you don’t have to conform to traditional formats; they can even be made curved to bend around corners.

LED screen resolution refers to the number of pixels displayed on the screen. Pixel pitch is the distance from the center of one pixel to another – it is the size of the space between the pixels that determines the resolution.  In short, a smaller pixel pitch can provide a finer shaper image display and attract a higher cost. It is important to balance pixel pitch with viewing distances. Get in touch for advice on the right specifications for your application.

Why choose Visually Connected for your LED display installation

We are an established audiovisual integrator specialising in agile workspaces, collaboration, and communication solutions. We have worked closely with many renowned businesses and organisations across the globe with LED display solutions. Our wide range of manufacturing partners and distributors enables us to provide high-quality, scalable, and flexible solutions.

Our LED display solutions are designed to best suit your application and business needs and energise your spaces.

LED display screen distributors and manufacturers

Partners with leading LED screen manufacturers and distributors

As partners with leading manufacturers, Visually Connected brings expertise and experience to every project. From concept to development, through system configuration, installation, and aftercare.

Our team can guide you through all the key considerations when thinking about display technology, all the way through to the content delivery and management of your system. To find out how we can help with your application, please contact our team of experts.

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