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Audiovisual Monitoring & Reports

We keep your audiovisual assets reliable and secure

It’s good to know that your audiovisual investment is reliable and secure. We monitor the health of every single device including uptime/downtime, source usage, installed firmware, and more every minute of every day.

Audiovisual technology monitoring and reports are essential for maintaining and managing performance, security, compliance, and costs.

Included in our 24/7 remote monitoring and maintenance service is a range of reports such as asset management, security monitoring, business service availability, network reliability, and device status. We can also prepare bespoke reports – all available as often as you want.

Support & maintenance service – what’s included

Bespoke support packages

Onsite system and equipment repairs

Warranty return assistance

Loan equipment

Software maintenance and firmware updates

Comprehensive reports on the health of your audiovisual technology

Asset management - Warranties

It is important to have valid warranties for your desktop systems to maintain access to expedited resolutions and repair components. We report on the status of the warranties on your workstations and laptops.

Security - Antivirus

Devices connected to the network without up-to-date antivirus protection are vulnerable to attack and pose a potential security risk. This report provides insights into how many devices on your network have functioning up-to-date antivirus protection. Antivirus software detects and defeats malware including spyware, malicious dialers, hacking tools, email hoaxes and data theft attempts.  We monitor your antivirus coverage and report on whether their definitions are current.

Security - Windows Patching

We monitor Windows devices on your network and their patch status. Keeping devices up-to-date with Windows patching will ensure that known bugs are fixed and will plug security holes that could seriously affect your security. Devices connected to the network without up-to-date Windows patches pose a potential security risk and are identified so that the latest patches are installed.

Business service availability

Downtime of business services can translate into lost revenue or productivity. We report on the uptime of critical applications in your environment such as your website or corporate email.

The uptime of these services should be as close to 100% as possible, indicating the resources that drive your business are reliable and available. Downtime for any of these services could translate to lost revenue or productivity.

Network reliability

Downtime of server and network infrastructure can affect your ability to do business. We report on the uptime of critical hardware in your environment such as firewalls, routers and servers.

Equipment performance

This report shows you which workstations on your network are working the hardest. Workstations have one user and while not as mission-critical as a server, workstations reaching or exceeding capacity slow down, create service issues, and ultimately result in a less productive workforce. You can assess the future need for workstation upgrades by following details of their performance over time.

Data analysis and reports

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Proactive monitoring and maintenance keep your audiovisual technology running at peak performance and reduce the risk of equipment failure and downtime.