Workplace Technology

Digital Signage SaaS


Easily manage and deploy branded content across your network of digital screens to engage and inform your visitors and employees.

This powerful mixed-media capability makes digital signage a powerful platform to reach and engage visitors and employees with branded information across your network of displays. 

With Digital Signage SaaS you can easily deliver impactful branded communications, company bulletins, visitor and meeting information, and stream video content across your digital signage network. Your content is stored within a digital signage player and driven by cloud-based software to determine when and what content is displayed on your digital screens and signage boards.

Improve your physical workspace

Digital signage will enhance your physical workspace from the moment visitors and employees enter your building. Improve employee experience with engaging and informative displays in reception and waiting areas, breakout spaces, café’s or open hub areas, and outside meeting spaces.

Remote Management CMS

Remote management is simple to deploy with powerful plug-and-play devices to connect your screens to our VC Signage CMS.  From here, you can easily manage your entire network and deliver mixed media content and engagement campaigns.

Unlock endless possibilities with various integrations including RSS, weather, news, YouTube, broadcast TV, video content, dashboards, bulletins, web feeds and social media channels.

Content creation

Our experts can help to create a strategy and content for your digital signage system. From sharing internal communications with your teams to guiding your visitors with digital wayfinding, advertising boards, and video walls in transportation hubs and retail spaces. Development of personalized content and media templates.

audio visual solutions - digital screen in meeting space


Visually Connected’s Digitial Signage Software as a Service includes:

  • VC Signage software and hardware
  • Template set-up
  • User training sessions
  • Hosting
  • VC Windows players
  • Labour for installation/change of signage players
  • Patch management including antivirus protection
  • VC software package updates
  • 24/7 monitored service including email alerts and daily/weekly/monthly reports
  • Annual health check



Keep your teams and satellite offices connected with company updates, events and training.


Reinforce your brand culture and create a sense of community by sharing high-value information.


Keep all your employees up to date with the latest company news, updates, events, and bulletins.


From a single display to hundreds, Visually Connected’s SaaS can be scaled up and down according to your needs.


We continuously monitor the health of your equipment to identify and resolve issues and keep your hardware and software updated and secure.

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