Implementation & Documentation

Intuitive. Intelligent. Integrated.

Seamless implementation and detailed documentation

Implementing new technology solutions should be an exciting process. We have methods in place to ensure a stress-free experience. We will assign a professional project manager and compile detailed site surveys including drawings.

The ability to cooperate with the facility team, IT team and other contractors on-site are key factors to a smooth installation.

When the engagement is underway we will execute our project and utilise the RACI model. We have a structured and clear way to describe all stakeholders’ roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities. This is the most efficient way to drive projects forward and gain a good overview of the tasks, objectives and decisions which need to be made during this period. Should any delays happen, the RACI model is also a very effective tool to get projects back on track.

To complete the project there will be thorough testing, commissioning and completion of documentation.

Implementation and documentation can be added to our 24/7 monitored support and maintenance solution.