Audiovisual Support & Maintenance

Intuitive. Intelligent. Integrated.

24/7 Technology Support


We provide an intelligent 24/7 monitored, support and maintenance solution designed to keep your audio visual and video conferencing systems at peak performance. Our proactive audIovisual support service maintains your workplace technology to ensure that all your devices are connected, updated and ready for use.

Avoid the frustration of meeting delays due to technology issues, reduce downtime and increase productivity and benefit from a return on your technology investments. From single, multi-site and global enterprises, whatever the size of your audiovisual estate, Visually Connected we will keep your technology working so you can keep working.

Partner with our expert audiovisual support team to:

  • Reduce recurring user issues
  • Reduce technology downtime
  • Extend technology lifespans through regular maintenance
  • Increase technology utilization by users
  • Reduce the number of service contracts

One point of contact for multiple technology  solutions

Our audiovisual support and maintenance platform will securely and translate, analyse, monitor, automate and optimise all data ensuring that all devices operate at their optimum level.  Our system also considers the occupancy of different areas within an office/building so that you can manage space and utilisation.

Service level agreements can be adapted to meet your needs, and our experts are available to support bespoke packages.

audiovisual support maintenance infographic

How it works

We provide data-driven, user-first support offering a priority service for your technology. Our support and maintenance platform securely and effectively monitors, automates and optimises data to ensure that all devices are operating at optimum levels and considers the occupancy of different areas within an office/building. 

Should a fault appear, a ticket will be issued and actioned immediately identifying what and why it happened coupled with a fast-track solution. Virtual and augmented reality technology will be implemented for remote support. If the problem cannot be resolved remotely, we will arrange local support to attend your site.


Our streamlined global support and maintenance service offers the following benefits

  • Easy operational budgeting
  • All operational issues streamlined
  • Huge increase in efficiency
  • Drive productivity
  • Huge cost savings
  • Reduce the number of service and maintenance contracts
  • Easy ‘live’ access to all data
Using AR for technology maintenance

Augmented Reality

We’ve added Augmented Reality (AR) to our improved technology support and maintenance service. Remote clients can rely on a fast, high-quality service and instant support using interactive video. Get onboard to reduce downtime and benefit from technical and engineering support when you need it and where you need it.

Service Levels

Here is a summary of a typical SLA.

  • 24/7 Proactive monitored service
  • First line technical support via telephone, email, video conference
  • Priority service
  • Problem and incident analysis
  • Repair or loan replacement parts
  • Firmware updates
  • Warranty and manufacturer escalation management
  • Asset management including end of life/service reporting
  • 1 x Yearly health check
  • 1 x Quarterly visit regarding ongoing business, technical review meeting, equipment issues, performance, new technology, cost savings
  • Monthly report
  • 1 x Dedicated engineer and support line

Get more from your audiovisual investment with a comprehensive support and maintenance package from Visually Connected.