Digital signage for corporate communication

Branded message on a digital screen

An effective internal communication system supports a seamless flow of information to all employees enabling businesses to fully tap into the knowledge and talents of their people and provide an environment that motivates employees to work towards common goals.

In many office environments, companies struggle to regularly communicate internal news. Emails often get deleted, bulletins are overlooked, the intranet ignored and the in-house magazine is only read by visitors. It’s important that staff do not learn about company news from an external source which is a constant challenge with so much information readily available on mobile devices.

A way to manage this situation is to share staff ideas, points of view and company information on a reliable internal communication system. Integrating digital signage with your internal communication system presents many opportunities to:

  • Increase morale
  • Deliver important messages
  • Reinforce brand values
  • Praise good performance and shout about successful projects
  • Maintain dialogue between high-level management and employees
  • Share experiences with employees in other offices in the country or abroad
  • Broadcast important speeches and events to other locations
  • Display sales or production performances
  • Display entertainment such as news, weather, traffic information etc.
  • Cut paper waste and reduce administration time

Information displays are best utilised in high traffic areas such as canteens, break areas, outside meeting rooms, sales offices, production areas, logistic areas, call centres and service centres.

To ensure you get the best impact and return on your investment, it is important that your content is informative and relevant and that your displays are positioned correctly. Get in touch with our team to guide you through these processes.

Use Digital Signage in Your Business

Digital Signage

Digital signage in a reception area

Digital signage for reception areas

Imagine the impact a stunning digital display will have on your customers when they enter your reception area? Digital communication is a highly effective method to ensure that you communicate with your clients, guests and partners in a way that reflects your brand personality. A digital signage solution can provide so much more:

  • Inform and educate your visitors about your company’s activities
  • Display marketing messages and encourage visitors to connect and follow via social media
  • Combine branded content with news and entertainment


Our Wayfinder software provides dynamic AI routing to guide your visitors to the right location whilst considering accessibility and multi-floor journeys. A range of information can be provided such as visitor information, health and safety regulations and car park information. Users can also download maps and access routes for onward travel via public transport.

Guest registration

Streamline your front desk with a quick and easy guest registration system. As there is no limitation on content, you can customise your visitor experience with welcoming messages and branded content. All data is stored and is easily available in case of an emergency enabling you to prioritise the safety of guests and employees.

Digital signage in a reception area




Digital signage


Digital sign showing weather forecast in tourist area

Other Uses

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