Video Conferencing Solutions

Removing the barriers to communication to connect you with people around the world.

Create a virtual face-to-face experience to reach your audience without the time and expense of travel.  Visually Connected are accredited partners of Polycom, Samsung, Cisco and many more, coupling experience and expert advice to meet your business needs. 


Video Conferencing

We supply and support the latest video conferencing technology with the right scalability, durability and reliability.

Desktop video conferencing

Desktop video conferencing systems

We supply and support the latest video conferencing technology with the right scalability, durability and reliability.

Professional man engaged in a video conference on a laptop

Immersive video conferencing

There’s no need to travel for that important board meeting – you can make direct eye contact when using Immersive Videoconferencing. Sit down and connect – you will have a fantastic real-time video and sound experience – you can no longer feel that you are thousands of miles apart.

Team in video conference

Room video conferencing

You can still be efficient and minimise travel expenses with a more economic video conferencing system. We will help you find the most economic system suitable for your meeting room and business needs.


Reduce costs

Cut down on your travel expenses without sacrificing meeting quality and collaboration effectiveness.


Capture & record detail

Record conversations to help you revisit points that were made without having to scan through pages of notes and dictation.


Improve connectivity

Video conferencing can be set up with people on the opposite side of the world or in the next town over without even having to travel.

Scalable and compatible video conferencing solution as a service

Time to make your business successful and not spend your time worrying about your collaborative communications technology, budget constraints, cash flow concerns, capital expense, product integrations and product obsolescence.

Visually Connected will streamline, deliver, deploy and support/maintain the collaborative communication solutions throughout your offices on a “Video Conferencing Solution as a Service”.

We use only high-quality equipment, very easy to use – no need for training and flexibility to scale both up and down. Our maintenance and support service includes a proactive 24/7 support service and detailed monthly reports and our price calculator gives you an easy overview of the monthly cost.

scalable video conferencing

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