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The background

Faber is one of the world’s great independent publishing houses with a history spanning almost 100 years. In every generation, Faber has sought to find the very best writers and is proud to publish the foremost voices in fiction, non-fiction, poetry, drama, film, and children’s books.

Faber & Faber moved from their previous home in Bloomsbury to The Bindery in Hatton Garden, London in spring 2023. The Bindery is a beautiful Art Deco building that once housed a book-binding business.

Meeting room at Faber & Faber with video conferencing.

The challenge

Faber & Faber’s overall mission was to create ‘what an office space should be’, a coalescence of classical building features with comfort, wellness, and sustainability.

Our brief was to seamlessly integrate people-centric audiovisual systems in their meeting spaces without detracting from the aesthetics of the building in readiness for their grand opening in late spring 2023.

Specifically, they required remote conferencing, recording, and presentation tools for their two meeting rooms, board room, and multi-purpose event space. The technology solution needed to be high-quality, easy-to-use, cable-free tech, and automated as far as possible to simplify video conferencing for a positive user experience.

As with any building fit-out, there are always a few complications along the way. One such challenge was that some walls were not strong enough to bear the weight of 98-inch video conference screens, however, our team came up with a creative solution to solve this at no extra cost to the client.

Our solution

Our philosophy is to bring people and technology together by creating intelligent, future-proof meeting environments that support inclusive and engaging experiences.

The keys to project success are clearly defined goals, planning, organisation, communication, and adherence to budget and timeframes. We collaborated with Faber & Faber’s facilities team to fully understand their vision and project scope for meeting space technologies as well as their IT and security requirements. We were also pleased to partner with Technimove, a market leader in data centre migrations.

We proposed two audio-visual systems each supporting Faber & Faber’s objectives and once the final solution was agreed we created detailed network diagrams that included where the equipment would be placed and the required network connections. Multiple site assessments ensured that the final installation, configuration, programming and commissioning of audiovisual equipment could be carried out smoothly and efficiently in time for their grand opening.

The final solution was delivered on time, did not detract from the aesthetics of the building, and provided an automated, streamlined solution for an efficient and consistent user experience. In addition, Visually Connected enhanced the event space with flexible audiovisual technologies that can easily flex and adapt for multi-purpose room use.

Following completion, Faber & Faber continue to benefit from our 24-7 remote monitoring and pro-active support service to keep their technology running at peak performance. Our service includes first-line technical support, detailed monthly reports, automated updates to keep their assets secure, live asset list and yearly health checks.

The technology installed

Meeting rooms and boardroom

The Academy meeting room features a 75” state-of-the-art display screen fitted in the center of the bookshelf. You can initiate a meeting with a single touch using the latest Zoom control panel. As you do so the display and two 4K cameras installed beside it switch on creating a picture-in-picture perspective with a view of the presenter and an overview of the room. Whether in person or remote, everyone in the meeting can be heard due to quality wireless table microphones and speakers. Content sharing is easily achieved using the built-in wireless content-sharing dongle that instantly recognizes your device.

The other meeting room and boardroom are fitted with the same audio-visual equipment as the Academy room for a consistent user-friendly experience.

Board room with video conferencing.


  • Yealink for Zoom video conferencing touch solution, wireless content sharing, and touch control panel
  • Two Yealink dual 4K cameras (for picture-in-picture display)
Yealink video conferencing with touch panel.


  • Two Yealink wireless table microphones
  • Two Yealink soundbars
Yealink sound bar.
Academy room with large digital screen and video conferencing facilities.
Board room and Faber & Faber with video conferencing equipment.

Multi-purpose event space

Located in the basement, is the jewel in the crown – Faber & Faber’s impressive and sumptuous multi-purpose creative event space. Illuminating the room are rows of lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling that conceal strategically placed Biamp microphones and speakers.

At each end of the room are 4K cameras for audience capture, and speaker tracking. Depending on the event, these cameras can be turned off or on, and can also operate simultaneously displaying picture-in-picture on the impressive 98-inch display screen on the stage. Both audio and video have been programmed to cater to the variety of events hosted here including meetings, presentations, performances, Zoom calls, conferences, and panel discussions. The settings for each use of the space can easily be changed via the smart control panel.


  • Yealink for Zoom video conferencing touch solution, wireless content sharing and touch control panel.
  • Two 4K cameras: one is a regular PTZ 4K camera and one is a dual eye PTZ 4K intelligent tracking camera (for picture-in-picture display).


  • Biamp pendant ceiling microphones
  • Biamp pendant speakers
  • Biamp wireless handheld and lapel microphones also available to be used


  • A Biamp Tesira controller easily changes the audiovisual technology to accommodate for different room configurations with just a touch of the 7″ screen.
Audio-visual technology in multi-purpose event space.
Instaliing audiovisual technology in multi purpose event space
Faber & Faber multi purpose event space


Technimove has held a strong relationship with Faber & Faber for many 15 years and reached out to Visually Connected to partner them on this exciting opportunity.  It’s not the first time we have worked with Technimove and we were delighted to work with them again!

“We are thrilled with the installation of audio visual solutions by Visually Connected Worldwide and Technimove. The seamless integration of technology across our meeting and event rooms has added so much to our collaboration and presentation experiences. Their expertise and partnership have been invaluable in delivering a comprehensive AV solution tailored to our needs. We extend our gratitude to both teams for their professionalism, dedication and ongoing support.”

Mick Bright, Head of IT and Facilities, Faber & Faber.

“We are very proud to be part of this prestigious project for Faber & Faber, helping them move into their new office space. It has been a pleasure working with both Faber & Faber and Technimove to install quality, bespoke AV solutions for their conference rooms. We look forward to continuing this partnership through our ongoing support and monitoring services.”

Sussi Murphy, CEO, Visually Connected Worldwide.

Technimove has held a strong relationship with Faber & Faber for many 15 years and reached out to Visually Connected to partner them on this exciting opportunity.  It’s not the first time we have worked with Technimove and we were delighted to work with them again!

“The installation, planning and implementation by the whole team was outstanding.  All the team at Faber were extremely happy with the proposal and work done, and we were delighted to showcase the power of our partnerships at Technimove with a successfully delivered project.  It was a great experience working with the whole team at Visually Connected Worldwide, who went above and beyond, and I look forward to building on our fantastic partnership.”

Lisa Middleton, External Client Director, Technimove.

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