Audiovisual Services

Creating effective workplaces with audiovisual services 

Workplace audiovisual technologyTechnology plays an important role in today’s forever changing world. It has transformed how we work when we work and where we work. With the ever-increasing need for on-demand collaboration, audiovisual technology is key to creating effective workspaces where staff can access the information they need to work successfully and collaborate across multiple locations.  

Multi-mode ways of working can transform your traditional office into a successful digital workspace where your employees, technology and space come together seamlessly for a more efficient way of working.  

Workplace audiovisual technology promotes employee innovation by enabling different types of people to become a collective force. We provide audiovisual services to educate our clients on the right technology for their operation and we will tailor a solution where smart technology becomes a part of everyday work.

Collaboration technology

Meeting room audiovisual technologyEmployees can work from anywhere with an internet connection by having the right apps on their devices, however, some of the best collaborative tools don’t need to be downloaded. LED walls and digital screens in meeting spaces allow images to be shown in multiple locations at the same time from different sources including mobile phones and tablets. 

Today, offices are smarter, streamlined spaces that are designed for collaboration. Smartboards in boost productivity and employee engagement and the use of video enables face-to-face interaction with clients and co-workers in multiple locations.

Workplace audiovisual can enhance your business operation by simplifying workflows, enabling more secure access to information and processes, multi-location independent working and a greater focus on business goals. 

We work with industry-leading partners such as Microsoft, Cisco, Polycom, Shure, Barco, NEC, Samsung, Crestron so we can design, deploy and support integrated future proof solutions.

Transform Your Workspace

Seamless. integrated audiovisual solutions for your workplace

Meeting technology is no longer limited to the boardroom.

Our extensive knowledge of audiovisual and communications equipment and IT give us a unique way to integrate these technologies in a variety of workspaces to create intelligent, simple and easy to use solutions for your reception area, meeting rooms, board room, innovative and break areas.

We design and deploy seamlessly integrated systems for the following areas:

  • Reception areas
  • Information and branding display screens or videowall
  • Guest registration
  • Wayfinding
  • Meeting overview display
  • Digital images or special effects for decoration

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Intelligent workspaces, meeting areas and board rooms

We deliver future proof, integrated and wireless solutions for new offices, transform old offices to new workplaces and assist with relocations. Our solutions include:

  • Display and information screens
  • Touchscreens
  • Meeting room screens
  • Projectors
  • Sound
  • Lighting
  • Video conferencing systems
  • Complete integrated control systems
  • Total wireless solutions
  • AV over IP Technology
  • HDBaseT Technology
  • Professional cameras and recordings

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