Access Control & CCTV

Access Control & CCTV from Visually Connected

 Basic Access Control via PIN, RFID or Biometrics/Fingerprint

 Single Door access system


This is our affordable single door access control system. The door can be opened via RFID or a PIN number.

Our packages contain everything you need to get started:

– Includes lock, push to exit button, break-glass and power supply.

– RFID Fobs or Cards Available.

– Battery Backup Available.

– Fully maintained options available, including regular service and battery replacement.


Connected Video Camera System

We use the latest IP camera technology to give you the piece of mind when it comes to building security. From small discreet cameras to full HD security, we have a solution for you. Our camera system offers the following benefits:

– User web interface for viewing camera footage
– Synchronisation to the Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive
– Unlimited number of cameras
– Optional UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) which means footage won’t be lost in the event of a power outage

Fully Integrated Door Access & Video




We are proud to be able to supply the latest innovation in door access here at Visually Connected! We offer the latest access control system which combines door access and video. If you have a violation or an event you wish to analyse, you can search for a combined access record and video entry. The system comes with a range of cloud storage options.

Please see here for more information.