Visually Connected designed and installed streamlined technology solutions throughout Openwork’s two buildings in Swindon and in their London offices. All workspaces were connected and automated with the latest high-end hardware and software.

Employees and visitors have the same experience wherever they are. Just a single touch and any meeting room is ready for use.

Updated Systems

Visually Connected installed a car park barrier, CCTV, access control systems, and reception system. Also, digital signage for branding and corporate communication was installed in breakout areas, small, medium, and large meeting rooms, board rooms, training rooms, fitness room, and town hall/event space. 

Intelligent support platform

Visually Connected’s intelligent platform connects all devices from a client’s estate to create ‘one point of contact’ for support and maintenance. The support centre performs the following functions:

  • Harnessing the data from all technical devices placed in an office/building.
  • Provides instant access to all connected devices worldwide.
  • Big data is monitored to ensure all devices are operating at optimum levels whilst also taking into account the occupancy of the different areas within an office /building.
  • Any problems that arise trigger a support ticket and are quickly resolved.
  • Virtual and augmented reality technology is implemented for remote support points.
  • Monthly client reports are issued covering all connections.