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If your teams need to work from home, are you able to give them the same level of connectivity and productivity tools?

With the increasing threat of the coronavirus pushing businesses to hold meetings remotely and staff having to work from home, it is likely that this new way of working is here to stay.

With normal work patterns disrupted, it is important that businesses prepare themselves with modes of communication not just for the here and now but for the future.  Remote working isn’t new, it is increasingly becoming a part of modern life and it’s no bad thing. Research indicates that there are many benefits of remote working including improved staff retention, greater efficiency for both businesses and employees and reduced travel expenses. What’s not to like?

Here’s help to future-proof your workplace and make flexible working the norm.

There’s a lot to be said for avoiding the dreaded commute, putting the kettle on and joining your colleagues online to collaborate on the latest project. Communications technology can enable teams to work from anywhere, but it is important that it is the right technology for your operation.

To master remote working, your business needs the right tools to enable teams to stay productive and connected. This list is not exhaustive, but the essential components are a remote desktop app, real-time communication apps, video conferencing to connect with colleagues and clients, project management tools and of course, you’ll need to address security. Let’s face it, how many of us STILL write down passwords or set the same password with our favourite pet across numerous apps… be honest! That aside Wi-Fi and email encryption are a given and network monitoring needs to be a 24/7 affair.

We recently helped a client prepare for flexible working by carrying out an audit of their connectivity requirements. As part of this, we carried out a bandwidth assessment which ensured that they not only had a failover (backup) internet connection but that they also had enough capacity to carry out all vital business functions from business transactions to video conferencing.  We also negotiated tight service level agreements whilst establishing a single number for the client to call for all their flexible working issues.

Next up, was to look at the replacement of their aging on-premise telephone system – it was not possible for them to divert calls or answer them via mobile. We implemented our cloud-based VCPBX system which enabled individuals to divert their own calls to their mobile, answer calls from their laptop and pick up calls coming into the main switchboard.

Believe it or not, the modern office doesn’t need to exist.
All the tools needed to run a successful business are not within it, they are part of it.

Even if you don’t have a huge budget for video conferencing here’s the good news, there are a range of platforms that are free to use including Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts and Zoom, get in touch if you need support with implementation.

It may sound daunting really it isn’t!  With the right technology integrated with your existing communication systems, there is no reason why your business can’t embrace the change to enable staff to seamlessly and securely switch between office-based working and home working.

As your technology partner, we can ensure you have the right systems in place to make this step change.  Get in touch to arrange a free site survey to discover the right solution for your operation and enable flexible working quickly, efficiently and not just for the here and now.

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