Meeting Room Technology Solutions

Meeting Room Technology Solutions to empower your people and your business

We bring technology and people together by transforming meeting rooms into efficient multi-purpose spaces making them one of the most useful facilities within your organisation. Our solutions focus on simplicity and ease of use with the same way of working in all your meeting spaces to improve user experience, technology adoption, and equipment reliability to maximize your ROI. 

We review your current meeting room design and technology and guide you to a successful hybrid model. We make recommendations to streamline your technology and ensure you get the right hardware/ software combination in every meeting space from huddle spaces to meeting rooms, board rooms, and event spaces, and for every meeting type from informal on-to-ones to formal and town hall meetings. 

We review your rooms and assess your needs to provide the best audio visual solutions for each space so that everyone can be seen and heard with effective video conferencing and collaboration systems. We simplify the management of your meeting room technology with easy-to-use control panels for a consistent user experience. Make cables a thing of the past and enjoy wireless solutions for clutter-free spaces with intuitive and secure content sharing.

Microsoft Teams

As Microsoft Teams experts, we can advise you on how best to equip your meeting room, boardroom, or conference space with compatible audio visual hardware for the best meeting experience. Learn more.

Team collaborating in a meeting room

Empower decision making

  • Guidance to choose the right technology solution for operational efficiency and procure to the level needed to focus on its users.
  • Asset management to keep track of warranties and avoid non-compliance.
  • Detailed reports to track performance, identify risks and productivity issues and manage resources.
Empowered people team meeting

Empower your people

  • We streamline your technology for ease of use, efficiency, and user adoption.
  • Proactive monitoring and automated self-repair improve the reliability of your technology and promote user confidence.
  • 24-7 monitored maintenance identifies issues, keeps your devices updated & secure and eliminates downtime.
Team in a hybrid meeting - video conferencing with an important client.

Empower your business

  • Embrace the best technologies for your meeting spaces can help your business improve collaboration, efficiency, and productivity.
  • The silent running of your meeting rooms improves efficiency, promotes creativity and empowers your people to think outside the box.
Large meeting rooms and board rooms

Large rooms & boardrooms

Multipurpose meeting space

Multi-purpose meeting spaces

Large conferencing and training room with audiovisual technology

Conferencing & training rooms

Small focus space for collaboration

Huddle and focus spaces

Our solutions enable your people to move seamlessly from individual work to group collaboration. We help you make use of the best-in-class audiovisual technology for consistent user experiences in every meeting space. We design spaces to adapt to different meeting styles with simple control, quick start meetings, easy connectivity, and crystal-clear audio for all participants.

Multi-purpose spaces are enhanced with intelligent furniture design and intuitive control systems to adapt to different uses as needed. Small group and compact spaces are equipped for ad-hoc meetings and the sharing of ideas where your people can quickly and easily connect to their chosen presentation or conferencing system.


Enjoy the same great user experience in every meeting space.

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