Meeting Room Technology Solutions

Focussing on people first, technology second for the best user experience throughout all Bristol Airport’s meeting spaces.

The background

Bristol Airport (BRS) is the fifth largest airport outside of London with flights operating to over 125 destinations in 30 countries, BRS is busy expanding its capacity from its current limit of 10 million passengers per annum to 12mppa. This includes terminal expansion, improved public transport options, road infrastructure, and enhanced environmental projects.

Bristol Airport - Amazing journeys start here.

Bristol Airport has a range of meeting and conferencing rooms, training spaces, and multi-purpose rooms across the estate.  At the outset, the audio-visual technology was mixed with no standard approach to its meeting technology.  The rooms were messy and full of cables, they had different equipment that frequently resulted in user issues and were not easy to adapt to different uses.

The challenge

Bristol Airport wanted to create an agile working environment that focussed on positive user experience by providing flexible, easy-to-use, and cable-free meeting spaces. Visually Connected was appointed to standardize technologies in all its meeting and training rooms to support a high-quality consistent user experience throughout.

Security is an important factor in any airport. The installation team was required to work in highly secure areas including airside, its engineering and fire station departments.

Fire engines at Bristol airport

Marcelo and Julian at Bristol Airport.Our solution

Our solution focussed on people first, and technology second to provide the best user experience and future-proof BRS meeting technology solutions in support of their exciting expansion plans.

The Visually Connected team worked their way through Bristol Airport to assess and understand BRS unique requirements from a hardware/software solution and IT perspective in all their meeting spaces.

The result was to implement a high-end streamlined technology solution in every meeting room, training room, conference room, and event space with the same user experience regardless of the room type.

In addition, Visually Connected continues to provide 24-7-365 remote monitored support and maintenance services keeping BRS’ technology secure and running at peak performance at all times. Visually Connected’s solution also includes our unique AV SOS service which resolves issues remotely in minutes offering a complete wrap-around service.

Bristol Airport has several different meeting and conferencing spaces across its estate. Visually Connected responsibility was the design and installation of meeting room technology that is now fully covered by our comprehensive support service in the following areas:

Sign at Bristol Airport outside meeting roomLulsgate main administration building – Several medium-sized meeting rooms, a prestigious boardroom, and a large conference/training suite.  The suite can easily be converted into one large room or two individual rooms for multi-purpose use with a simple touch of the Biamp panel. The technology is pre-programmed to adjust to the room size and meeting purpose for maximum flexibility and efficient use of the space.

Silver zone parking – The same solution is installed in the large multi-purpose conference/training suite which can be used as one large conference room or separated into two large training rooms. This provides the same stress-free user experience regardless of the location or configuration of rooms.

Engineering department, fire station, and control areas – These areas included medium-sized meeting rooms used for training purposes, a large meeting room, and a large training room. The technology solution was designed to replicate the same user experience in all rooms saving set-up time and promoting technology adoption.

The technology

Visually Connected set up a proof of concept in one of the medium-sized rooms which included the Crestron Flex Teams solution, Poly Studio audio video bar, and an Air Server for wireless content sharing.

From small to medium meeting rooms to training and conference suites the technology solution supported the same user experience.

Video Conferencing

The Creston Flex conferencing device, makes video conferencing easy in every type of space. Users can start, join, or manage a meeting and share content wirelessly and securely. Crestron Flex was installed in every meeting and conference room.

Crestron Flex device


High-quality Huddly and Poly video conference cameras were selected to match room sizes and types to capture the whole meeting ensuring inclusivity for in-room participants.

Poly E70 tracking camera


For large meeting rooms, split conferencing rooms, and boardrooms the Sennheiser TeamConnect ceiling microphones were the best solution for video conferencing and in-room high-quality audio having pin-point speaker targeting and noise reduction. Poly Studio bars are in use in small meeting rooms.

Sennheiser ceiling microphone

Content Sharing

An Air Server was used in all rooms for screen mirroring and wireless content sharing. This powerful solution enables a combination of up to 20 mixed media or 9 videos to be shared at high quality simultaneously.

Room Control

In multi-purpose rooms, different room scenarios are pre-set on the Biamp control panel. Users simply select the room set-up required and the appropriate audiovisual equipment is automatically configured.

Biamp room control device.

Enjoy the same great user experience in every meeting space.

The result

Visually Connected successfully implemented a comprehensive audiovisual package spanning every meeting, conferencing, and training space. The solution transformed how its employees, partners, and customers work together by initiating streamlined technology solutions for an easy-to-use and consistent user experience everywhere.

Visually Connected ensured the project was completed on time and within budget to Bristol Airport’s exacting specifications and to support its future growth plans. The installation was smooth, switches were configured to match their network setup and all rooms were cable tidied.

The project was set up for success with the right technology solution and continuous proactive support to ensure the silent running of all their meeting spaces.  Further evidence of the success of the solution is that there was no downtime, support calls, or engineer onsite visits for the first nine months until there was a change in Bristol Airport’s network setting that was swiftly addressed.

Visually Connected continues to monitor, support, maintain, and secure Bristol Airport’s audiovisual estate and provide SOS service that provides support in minutes.

I consider VCW’s support and maintenance technology to be unique and enabling with its advanced automation capabilities, coupled with a fully responsive remote support service. This ultimately improves our productivity and allows us to focus on our business needs without experiencing frustrating AV complications. I can strongly recommend this service to any business that seeks robust, cost-effective workplace technology and support.

Steve Harris

Head of IT & Systems, Bristol Airport