Office Moves & Relocations

Specialists in Office Moves, Moving Offices, Relocation Services

Whether you are shifting your entire operation overseas, moving your office to a different location, or simply having an internal desk or team restructure, we can help!

Moving can often be one of the most stressful experiences of your adult life – it’s no different within the workplace. Here at Visually Connected, we can help smooth the transition and reduce your stress levels during those moves!

Our team of specialists can operate outside of work hours, providing an efficient service, avoiding any downtime during the process. We can arrange everything from project management to project delivery.

We can provide boxes, labels and an efficient system to label and document all existing equipment. We can even provide an asset list and produce documentation at each step of the way. If workstations are being moved, we ensure they are set up in exactly the same manner at the other end. Our worksheets note down telephone & mouse positions and which monitors are located on the left or the right. We can also provide full testing once workstations, servers or machinery have been moved.

We can also perform telephone system inventory services as well as patching, and even upgrades as we process each move. Usually an office move is a good opportunity to replace aging keyboards, mice and monitors!

Our super efficient team of staff can be deployed on site whether you are moving 1 or 1000 desks. If it’s furniture, IT equipment, servers or machinery we are the experts at getting the job done quickly and efficiently without breaking the bank!

Office Move boxes