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Restaurants, Hotels & Conference Centres

When visitors arrive at your premises what are they looking for?

Booking information, menu options, event and wayfinding information are a important to support a positive visitor experience and however, much of this information is in a state

of constant change. Digital signage provides an innovative viewing platform allowing information to be easily changed and maintained in real-time for a better service and brand experience.

Digital signage is always on which is particularly useful for establishments that operate 24/7. Guests can be welcomed, facilities, menus and events can be promoted in a captivating way.

Here are some examples of how digital signage can be utilised:

– To welcome guests

– Display information such as menu options

– Display concierge information

– Display meeting overviews

– Display the locations of facilities, events and meetings using way-finding

– Display upcoming offers and events

– Keep employees informed of the scope of services together with internal bulletins and information

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