Acoustic Panels


AKUART is an acoustic design company that develops high quality products for the purpose of adjusting room acoustics.

Our acoustic specialists create high impact visual sound absorbers with a changeable printed canvas that can be customised for all types of clients. We have an extensive portfolio of artwork and photography, however customers can choose their own.

Clients are no longer restricted to choosing from a standard product assortment. This means total freedom of visual expression making all AKUART products fit easily into any decor imaginable. No longer do you have to choose from a narrow variety of standard solutions.

If the canvas gets dirty – it’s not a problem, because it is washable at 40 degrees celsius without damaging the print or colours.

Q. Have you ever been in a noisy restaurant where you’ve struggled to hold a conversation?

Q. Have you visited a large public space or hallway where voices echo down the hall?

Q. Do you work in a large noisy office where you struggle to hear who is talking on the telephone?

The answer to all these scenarios is AKUART. With clever sound absorption technology, our fantastic visually impressive artwork panels are fully certified, creating not only a glorious space to look at, but also an acoustic haven to be in, reducing stress, improving productivity and creativit