Visually Connected are pleased to report that we are now partnering with Chronicle Computing to deliver Cloud-Based Workforce Management Solutions to a global audience. The “smart” modern workplace relies on time tracking of it’s employees to ensure the “smart” building is working at it’s optimum efficiency, utilising the technology to have a visual overview of no shows, lateness, overtime, sickness and absence.

Chronicle Online is a complete Time and Attendance, HR, Scheduling and Self Servicing solution for the modern workforce.

Time & Attendance Software

Chronicle Online helps companies manage their most important asset, their workforce. Whilst maintaining control of their greatest cost, their wage bill. A Cloud-Based solution the product on multiple devices and browsers. Enabling users anywhere at any time to real time data regarding their workforce.

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Time & Attendance Hardware

Chronicle Computing understands that a variety of robust data capture methods are needed in order to manage a successful time and attendance solution.
Chronicle offer a range of Biometric and Proximity Clocking Terminals, along with Telephone and Web clocking options.

Clocking In Devices

Hosting & Integration

Chronicle Online is a completely web-based hosted solution. Using Microsoft Azure technology Chronicle can be accessed securely anywhere, anytime and on any device. The “digital building” relies on integration between all systems within it, so it’s important to note that the Chronicle platform can also be integrated into other Visually Connected technology, such as our digital signage system to give a real time display of staffing levels, or fully integrated with CCTV, Access Control, Vending etc with a single RFID card/Access Control card.

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