HD / 4K CCTV & Door Access from your iPhone or Android Device

One frustration we have within the security industry is the fact that there are so many systems out there that are really not suitable for purpose, especially CCTV.
After all CCTV & Access Control is there to protect us and give us piece of mind, although we often see appeals for information based on grainy and quite honestly, unusable footage.

The above shot is from a traditional analog CCTV system, and as you can see, it’s not great. When we speak to new customers they often tell us their frustrations about CCTV & Access control being extremely difficult to use. In fact when they need simple changes and updates they find it almost impossible to carry them out by themselves.

After being in the industry for many years myself, I can sympathise as a lot of old legacy systems were not designed with usability in mind.

Roll forward to 2018 though, and there are some amazing systems out there. The two systems in this post allow you to monitor and secure your “smart” building all from your “Smart” phone.

Here is a sample of some footage from the very latest HD/4K CCTV camera:

You can see instantly the benefit of this level of clarity when trying to track down a perpetrator of a serious crime. The images are so clear, you can even read the letters from a vehicle number plate without a problem.

In 2018, we really shouldn’t be relying on specialist teams to ‘clean up’ poor grainy CCTV images when there are products on the market that can do a tremendous job of capturing a near perfect image.

It’s not just the cameras themselves though, the management systems for your CCTV and access doors have advanced significantly in recent years. Meet Eagle Eye Networks & Brivo Systems.

Camera Managment

Although the Eagle Eye platform offers a fully functional VMS via the cloud, the element we are concentrating on here is the VMS available for iPhone & Android. It’s really awesome, offering a lot of the management features via your mobile. At a glance you can see exactly which cameras are online/offline or needing attention.

There is also a Google Map view so you can see exactly which locations are covered, and a simple navigation system to view live or recorded footage.

Access Control & CCTV

There are two Brivo Apps in the suite of mobile apps, the first one I’m going to mention is the “Brivo Mobile Pass” which is essentially an employee or visitor app enabling access control card holders to use a simple app in place of their card. In fact, some of our customers use the app as a backup if they’ve left their access card at home.

The app utilitises GPS and will even pop up when you are near a Brivo enabled building. When the app launches you simply swipe left or right to scroll through the doors you have access to and simply press and hold the button to open the requested door. Simple as that!

The second app is “Brivo OnAir”. You can at a glance see enabled cards on the system, a view of recent events, such as door access requests and system disconnects.
As well as this you can open doors and the best bit; you can view a connected camera or even view cameras linked to access records! It’s awesome.


If you want a full demo of the software, including the desktop software and mobile applications for both Eagle Eye Networks and Brivo Systems. Feel free to get in touch and we’d be delighted to show you how we can modernise your security solution.

We can also go through your requirements and show you some of our range of HD / 4K camera systems. All of these can also be added to our pro-active smart building monitoring platform.