Setting up CloudPBX with Office365

Today we are talking about Microsoft’s CloudPBX. For those of you who don’t know, this is Microsoft’s fully featured phone system which is available from Visually Connected, through the cloud.

Making the decision to utilise Microsoft Office 365 for your business is an easy choice – often, you will need the suite of applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc for your day to day work, so it’s natural to look at the extra expansive features the product can offer. Not least, because a telephone system is a huge investment for any size business.

One of the most powerful elements to the suite is it’s capability to provide your organisation with ‘Unified Communications’. Quite simply, Office 365 allows you to put all your communications through a single product, Skype for Business. This means you can use the application for instant messaging, video conference, internet calling as well as standard telephone calls.

The latter is where CloudPBX comes in. A traditional PBX is a system within an enterprise that allows switching of calls between enterprise users on local lines whilst allowing users to share a certain number of local lines, it also enables an enterprise to set up call queues, hold music as well as the ability to inter-transfer calls, so you can effectively think of this product as a PBX that is configured, maintained, monitored through the cloud.

Modern Office with MS CloudPBX

We at Visually Connected are a certified Microsoft Solution Provider (CSP), which means you can rely on us to give you the best advice for your business when it comes to Telecoms and Connectivity. The flexibility and cost savings of using this product is phenomenal. With the cost of day to day calls being included within your monthly subscription, it now makes sense more than ever to move to the cloud.

All the settings and configuration can then be found through the Skype for Business Administration Centre under Office365.

Skype for Business Admin Center

You can then simply port existing numbers across to Office365 or create new ones. Once you have done this, you can then create your IVR, record your prompts and then set up your call queues, and everything is billed under one simple monthly subscription.

Local, Geographic, National and International numbers can be set up or transferred into the system, so whether you are in Swindon, London, or anywhere else in the world, this solution will work for you!

CloudPBX Number Porting

Using physical devices with CloudPBX

There are a wide range of devices available that are certified as compatible with Office365 and Skype for business, from conference phones to desktop handsets, with or without video calling capabilities.

Office365 simplifies communication and brings advanced features to everyone within your organistation, all included within your monthly subscription fee.

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