We are now proud to stock the latest range of HikVision NVR’s and HD IP Cameras. If you are a small business looking for an entry level cost effective way of monitoring and securing your business premises, then you should really check out the fantastic range we have on offer.

We were going to do a video, however I thought I’d write down our experiences of the units available and also give a quick review and write up in terms of specifications, features, ease of use and functionality.


Unboxing and initial setup of the DS-7608NI-E2 8ch NVR & DS-2CD2022F 2MP HD POE IP Camera


Both units were well packaged and easy to set up, for the NVR, we did need to install a hard drive, but here at Visually Connected, we can supply your NVR already installed with a 1TB or 2TB HDD drive.

The NVR unit itself was fairly easy to install and setup instantly finding the DS-2CS2022F camera that I plugged directly into the back of the PoE port. The infra red LED’s lit up and I could see on the screen straight away how much power the port was consuming.

I set up the NVR with a static IP address on our network, and within moments I was browsing to the interface within a web browser (I am using Internet Explorer due to the reliance of HikVision to use an active x component to view the camera feeds).

The interface itself is well polished and easy to use, and I was very impressed at the level of functionality and features.

If you want to use cameras powered from your PoE network switch, rather than directly from the unit, then that is also fine but you should note that if you do this, you will need all of the camera details – it’s not so much plug and play, but it still requires some effort in terms of configuration.

Here is the default dashboard ‘live view’ consisting of our two existing office ONVIF compliant cameras, along with the 2mp DS-2CS2022F camera in the top left corner.


Hikvision Camer Display Mobile App Hik-Connect

Additional Mobile Functionality


Hikvision Camer Display Mobile App Hik-ConnectHikvision Camer Display Mobile App Hik-ConnectOne of the newer additions to the HikVision offering is the new mobile app which is called ‘Hik-Connect’. We were keen to try this out, so we installed the android version and set to work getting it to work. Usually with this type of app, you’d have to rely on setting up port forwarding to get it to work, however HikVision have worked around this by utilising their own server in the cloud to act as a bridge between the NVR and the end user browsing the app.

After installing the app, we had to register for an account using HikVision’s bridge service called “Hik-Connect” . This then prompted for us to create an account and add the serial number and information from the bottom of the NVR – once this was done, opening the app on the android device allowed us to see all the cameras linked to the NVR. We were able to view the footage even if we were not on the same wireless network.

The login we created also works on the “EZVIZ” site which allows you to view the footage in your web browser from a remote location.

We have a permanently set up NVR in our Swindon/Royal Wootton Bassett office, so if you’d like a demo of what it can do, then please come and see us.
(We’d prefer some notice to we can get the kettle on, and make sure we are here!).