Visually Connected can offer a truly worldwide service offering support for your business in every location. Specialising in IT, AV and Security services (Access Control & CCTV) we can reduce your overheads and offer system stability with our support model. We are truly global.

Using our international partner network, along with our UK based team, we are able to offer service and support on your systems and IT infrastructure. Many of our customers have a strong international presence and require a company that can support them and their business needs wherever they happen to be located. In the last month we have been to both Munich and the USA to visit our customers – in fact, the header photo was taken by Julian from our Royal Wootton Bassett office at the top of the empire state building!

Signing up to a Visually Connected service agreement ensures business continuity whilst providing great service you can count on.

Outsourced Help Desk

We offer 24/7 remote support from our UK based helpdesk for all IT, AV & remote security systems. Each customer will receive their own unique login, which will allow them to review support cases from any location, as well as giving them the opportunity to log a support ticket. In addition to this, in most cases a dedicated support number will be given to the client, as well as an out of hours telephone number (if required).

Pro-active Monitoring

Preventative maintenance is the key to a successful worldwide support structure. Our unique remote monitoring system generates healthchecks, system alerts and e-mail notifications whenever there is an issue with a monitored system. It can even tell us if a disk runs low on space, internet connectivity is lost, or someone pulls a plug on a server. Pro-active support reduces the amount of logged calls by the user, and improves service dramatically, with issues often being resolved before the client even notices.

Installations & Engineer Service

Field Service and Installations can be carried out by our team or one of our Visually Connected certified partners across the globe. No location is out of reach for us. Julian is currently visiting one of our worldwide clients, servicing and carrying out equipment audits at six sites across the USA.

Cloud Services

We strongly believe in the benefits of the Cloud, however these benefits are even more clear when you are operating your business in multiple locations. Cloud solutions can increase stability, usability and reduce downtime. If you want to bring a new site online, with Cloud apps, this can be done often in minutes. Our favourite Cloud solution at the moment is the Brivo solution, which allows your Access Control & CCTV to be managed directly via the web.