Why don’t architects listen to their buildings?

My attention has recently been directed to this article that was in the NYMAG at the end of December 2015. ‘Why don’t architects listen to their buildings?’ by Justin Davidson.

Whilst the article itself posed many questions, and was indeed interesting to read, there wasn’t much talk of the solutions out there that can reduce the less than perfect acoustic experience Justin describes within his article. Whilst there are are a lot of ‘Acoustic’ solutions out there, we believe that our AKUART products are actually the ‘acoustic solutions that stand out from the pack’. From clever room dividers to magnificent wall art, we provide a number of products which can not only solve these common problems, the also look visually impressive too.

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Featured Photo: Calatrava’s transit hub: Looks great, but how will it sound? Photo: Andrew Holbrooke/Corbis